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Our wireless solutions provide a complete infrastructure for secure and reliable wireless access to corporate information and resources. Our mobility application developers and support specialists are experts at making your company's wireless data vision a reality by providing:
Mobile strategic business applications
Custom applications
Mobile websites
Email access (POP3, MS Exchange-Outlook, lotus Notes)
  These solutions use Internet-enabled mobile phones, two-way pagers or wireless-enabled Palm or Pocket PC devices to access and control messages, data and documents stored on the corporate network. Then deliver selected information to the destination you choose :  
  Strategic Business Applications  
  Zutrax Wireless Solutions and Tools give you greater command over the management of services and operations by enabling you to:  
Empower customers, field technicians and service employees to open new service requests anytime, anywhere,
View customer contract entitlements, profiles and case histories
Dispatch and notify field technicians with a simple click
See summarized and detail views of service requests by job, company, status, and location
Assign multiple tasks and log activity for each service request
Track travel, labor and parts required for each service request
Monitor inventory quantities in real-time and order parts as needed at the point of service
Generate purchase orders for stock replenishment
  With a business driven wireless architecture, these tasks can be completed from the field, eliminating telephone calls, paperwork, and information gaps.  
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