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  Zutrax offers industrial-strength databases and the services necessary to rapidly integrate applications and business partner systems via powerful XML, transport and other messaging services. Our Data Transformation and Warehousing tools create meaningful and usable information from your various databases and any inconsistent data. While our Metadata Management tools enable you to understand and manage your existing data, information and applications environments.  
  Our data warehousing analysts design and build solutions that deliver the business results you seek. The data architecture is created using only the information relevant to the business objectives of your datas warehousing initiative. Our structured development approach involves an iterative process that delivers rapid results. Our services include:  
Data warehouse strategic planning
Data warehouse project management
Data warehousing development methodology
Process and data modeling
Data quality review
Technical architecture design and implementation
Rapid proof-of-concept
Hardware and software selection process
Data warehousing application development
  If you are weighing the benefits of data warehousing as a competitive advantage for your business or if your data warehousing solution is not delivering the expected results, contact Zutrax Systems for an initial consultation and the opportunity to engage the company that delivers results.  
  Metadata Management  
  Zutrax will ensure data consistency, enabling better business decisions and provide a single place for all users to access accurate definitions of information assets. While metadata can be used to enforce naming standards on new assets, it can also be used to identify and document redundancy and inconsistencies in your existing assets. This enables a consistent taxonomy across users, promoting more effective communication and better business decisions.  
  Database Administration  
  Zutrax has the tools you need to tune your database, increase performance, and augment data availability across DBMSs and platforms. The solution automates a variety of activities, including schema management, database security, ROI management, catalog administration, and application development. Delivering higher-quality changes while reducing the DBA's workload. Our services include:  
Database production monitoring and maintenance
Database architecture design review and improvement
Database technology upgrades and enhancements
Routine database job execution
Database access and security administration
Database backup, recovery and monitoring
Database and system performance tuning
  Our Virtual DBA can deliver expert services where and when needed without the expense of maintaining permanent staff at your location. Our knowledge of mature, reliable technology allows us to achieve economies of scale and productivity improvements over traditional management methods.  
  Automated Data Backup and Recovery  
  Our data recovery solutions aggregate your business reliance on the data and current technology infrastructure with efficient techniques and algorithms that let you manage backup and recovery your way, giving you the ability to :  
Make backups around-the-clock while data remains fully available
Prioritize recovery objects and select parameters in advance
Incorporate backups and recovery into large, unattended batch job
Implement and automate effective disaster recovery procedures
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