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  Architecture & Design  
Our Design and Planning Services begin with a complete Security Assessment. Through an interactive proven process of analysis, documentation, and supplemental recommendations, our consultants will create a baseline of your company's current network, and outline the desired results. This analysis of the current and future models will be used to architect a reliable Security solution for your IS/IT infrastructure .
Security Assessments

This comprises of a Risk Assessment and a Network Security Assessment of the entire IS/IT infrastructure of the organization. Technical assessments of your IT Infrastructure help identify areas within that are subject to both Internal and External attacks that my disrupt services/operation .

  Creating a world-class Secure IT Infrastructure and performing a successful implementation requires time and technical resources. Zutrax Systems can manage the complete project or provide assistance during the implementation process. Our consultants have the skill sets and experience to meet your needs.Services in this area include :  
Equipment Procurement and Staging
Solution Configuration
Enterprise Wide Deployment
Post Installation Testing
  Adaptive Montoring  
  Our adaptive monitoring solutions provide intelligent screening for unwanted access to you information resources. By automatically classifying attacks and updating firewall and access-list rules, intruders can be stopped from exploiting new vulnerabilities due to any new changes in the infrastructure.  
  Our Dummy trap can be used to provide a FALSE environment configured to your specifications and then monitored to collect information about the kinds of transactions intruders are doing on you network.  
  IPSEC & PKI VPN Solutions  
  Zutrax Systems delivers an open and scalable VPN architecture that enables customers to build secure communications between the various offices National or Worldwide. Our VPN and firewall solutions provide flexible support for both remote and local users to connect to their corporate gateways via the Internet and establish secure sessions to access sensitive information.  
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